What is the best way for my ex to talk to me again?

We have been broken up for awhile. He broke up with me because he didn't want to be tied down and felt he wanted to be alone. We dated for 4 years straight. We both go to different schools and are graduating in May. I have not spoken to him since January and then he wished me a happy birthday in February. He was on Spring break and came home, I contacted him yesterday, and just said "hey how are you?" He did not respond until this morning and I said "I'm good how are you?" And then a few hours after I responded "Im good thanks, good luck with the rest of the semester." That was our conversation..I have been trying to reach him and our convos are just short. He's still in school in a frat and maybe reality has not hit him yet. I could see us connecting after college but I am not sure how we would do that because he has not made any moves. During winter break, he did not want to see me for lunch because he felt it was awkward and told me whatever happens happens. He is not giving me a straight answer if he cares about me or could see us back together after college. I also think its weird, we dated for so long and he barely talks to me. What should I do?


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  • It seems that the only way to reignite those old feelings is to spend time with him in person.

    Make all possible efforts to realize it.


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  • I have this same issue with a girl I used to see but she ended things with me. She talks to me when she feels like and I just keep my distance. The truth is, if he wants things to continue he would say something. You can try to remind him of everything you guys had and what made it special. But like I said if anything is going to change, it has to come from him. You're doing what you can


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  • He's in a frat-girls throw themselves at those guys-sorry :(

    • He is not going to be in the frat much longer..could there potentially be a time we would reconnect? After frat life is over

    • yea sometimes frats change guys tho because they think they are hot sh&&t but he's leaving it so that's good. There's still those parties tho...make an effort to see him-someone told me if you mention things like oh remember that time at the beach when we laughed etc...it will ignite memories and old feelings...