Ladies how long should I wait to reply to her text?

I sent this girl whom I am talking to a text a day and a half ago, and she didn't reply til last night, around 10pm, she's the type that plays these silly mind games how long should I wait to reply back to her text so she doesn't thik I'm needy. Same time fram as her or wait even longer, I don't want her to think I'm not interested. Thanks

She didn't reply to the text I sent which was "hey what's up" instead she sent me the same text back saying "hey what's up?"


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  • Because she started a new message, I wouldn't even call it a reply to your text. She was sending you a new one, which I would say is a good sign because she texted you first. Chances are she was busy when you sent her that, so she decided to start a conversation with you over a day later. I would reply back right with now and see if you can get a conversation going. If she takes a day again, then chances are she's playing games or isn't very interested. But just reply and see what happens. Best of luck!


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  • How about not messing with a chick who plays mind games? Nobody wins those and they suck the life out of you. there are plenty of women who are direct and honest. Go find one of those.

  • she might not be that into you. Try texting her when you are certain she's free and see if she respond straight away. It's not the mind game. If she's interested, she can't wait that long either, and if she really has to reply that late, she'll at least be bothered to explain. Well, maybe she's different? who knows? Good luck dude!


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