If a girl you met who is 23 years old has never been in a relationship or dated...what would you think?

Say there is a girl who is 23 years old or 24 years old. She has never dated. She has never been in a relationship. But she's not ugly or physically unattractive in any way. Actually, she could be seen as being very attractive with good face and body (example, she goes to the gym and knows how to dress well and do makeup). She is not dumb either but actually career focused but balanced in other aspects of life as well. But she has never been in a relationship or dated anyone. By choice, not because she could not. What would you think?

  • I would think she is weird
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  • I would think it's her choice and so it's not weird.
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  • I would think she is just too picky
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  • There must be something wrong with her.
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  • Something else: please explain below,
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And would a guy be scared off by such a girl if he does not know her well enough?



Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm kind of in your boat. I'm 21, and just went on my first real date last week over spring break. I had a lot of problems going on in high school and my friends were more of a priority. My first couple years of college, I'd talk to guys but just never found many that caught my interest - that or they weren't interested in me, or were with someone else, etc. But I'm hoping this guy works out. He's been worth the wait so far. It just sucks that we have to wait 2 months to see each other again - I'm at school 5 hours away from home. =/


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What Guys Said 3

  • No big deal to me. Wouldn't mind dating her myself as long as the personality is right to me.

  • I wouldn't think anything of it. Nothing negative would cross my mind about it

  • That girl would be perfect.

    It doesn't really matter if she didn't engage in a relationship before.

    What matters the most is her career focused life, balanced life and attractive appearance which most guys really find appealing.


What Girls Said 4

  • Whether or not someone has had a relationship is not a good way to judge people. The girl you described sounds very healthy and happy. I've met girls her age who have been in relationships and are in much worse states of being

  • Either too picky or just really shy.

  • I didn't have a relationship until I was 24. None of the men I dated seem bothered by it.

    • Did you date before you were 24 though?

    • No. I wasn't even asked out until I was 24, haha! I was 100% inexperienced.

  • She's self confident enough and she doesn't have to be with somebody to know that, she should have at least been dating somebody, if she haven't then she might be weird, but he might be too strong for some guys as well.