Am I doing something wrong?!?! I Am unhappy!

I am 29 yo and I am a medical doctor. I work hard but never let my career influence my personal life. I am also on my PhD but never did consider it as a title, I am doing this because I love science and not because I want to be important. And frequently I even forget to mention it at first when I'm on a date, cause I don't agree that its the thing that characterises me. I am very out-going, don't smoke, don't drink, never had a real relationship. I have been dating but never had a long term/real relationship. I am very democratic when I date someone. The only thing I demand is not to lie to me, and to do some cute things for me from time to time. I admit- I don't like it when guys smoke, but its just because of my conjuctivitis (tears run on my eyes when I'm in the contact with smoke and I feel itchy). And I don't bother if guys drink a little but don't like frequent drinkers. I also like them to have friends but don't like it when they put their friends in front of our relationship. I don't think that guy should be handsome, rich or to have great job. I just like it when he is ready to fight through life. And still... I can't find love. All the guys seem wrong, they judge me, they don't like my boundaries, call me clingy and in the end end up with me. What should I change? Or is the problem that all of these guys were actually wrong (all of them were younger so maybe they were immature)?


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  • woah, I just want to say something now so that I remember to write it out long when I get back.


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  • If you're 29 and with a prof. degree, it means you have had very little time for anything other than your academic goals. Now that you have the most important part out of the way, you can start enjoying life and you have the type of career that will allow you to go anywhere in this world. Give it time. You may need to change a few things in your life -try to compromise a little. Hard to tell. Some men do not like the clingy stuff - all depends on how clingy you are. Be careful with demanding too much "me" time. Be sure to give the guy time with his buds.