Do you ever feel like that people have no logic on how things work?

OK I'm tired explaining things to people like, about how things work and in business how things sale. People can be so negative. The facts are that if you promote yourself well or your product you will then sale and it can't be denied that you can sale afterward. Your product has to be good for it to sale..When comparing business with dating then you will notice dating is kind the same as business , when you look good then you'll get a date or a girlfriend.


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  • I agree. In general the majority of people on this planet are quite stupid. Forming logical thoughts, while seemingly common sense, its really beyond their ability.

    I work in finance and deal with giving people financial advice. You would be flabbergasted by some of the stupid stuff people do, that to smart people seems so common sense.

    Even my own friends tell me all the time that one of the things they appreciate about me, is my intelligence and common sense, hence the reason they always come to me for advice and an education about things, like dating, politics, economics, science, music, etc.

    But I understand your struggle, it can be frustrating being surrounded by people who appear to have half your brain power. I found the best solution is to simply try and hang with people more equal to you in intelligence. I've recently dropped a lot of friends that I felt simply had fallen to far behind me. We've grown apart mentally and its become draining and unstimulating to interact with them. Just try to be around smarter people.

    • yes feel like people make illogical carrier choses then tell me "i have it good"

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    • Then they come crying to you for help or advice and to bail them out. This is why like I said at the end of my original post that being around these people can be draining. They are always in need of something, and so you end up being everyone's dad, but you don't get anything in return because quite frankly, they don't have anything to offer you in return. Your not in need of a bail out, nor are you lacking in intelligence to make those decisions on your own.

    • link I see what you are saying about emotional people, here is good link on how become million and pretty logical but a emotional get angry say it impossible but they never tried the steps haha


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  • I could become frustrated and complain about others having no logic...

    Or... I could try to change myself so that I am no longer bothered by their lack of knowledge, or even try to help educate others to have more understanding.

  • My grandfather always said that common sense, wasn't.

  • @Do you ever feel like that people have no logic on how things work?

    On seeing your questions in here, I feel it very strongly.

  • I can't imagine your clever enough for your title to be intentionally ironic.

    so the answer to your question would be yes.

    • well your a genius but that only alienates you the rest of society , so feel bad about yourself and post rude comment.

  • Huh, and only last week you were telling us all that you were going to make sh*t, because sh*t sells in bulk.

    You're so full of crap, from week to week. The only promotion you seem to do, is on this website.