Confidence: my theory on it

So when it all comes down to it, I think what keeps a strong relationship is confident, trust, knowing what you want and communication. Dressing nice on the first date, having a clean car and knowing where you want to take her on the date shows that you can take care of yourself and are confident. I think a lot of guys mistake that for a woman being shallow but to be honest, would you want to have a woman looking like she rolled out of a dumpster?

No, you wouldn't!

So, correct me if I am wrong ladies or left anything out. I think my theory is correct.


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  • Nope, no objections here. I'd say you hit the nail right on the head! We women love a confident man who shows it in the way he speaks, carries himself and takes the time to make himself presentable. It also shows that he loves himself enough to take care of himself which is great because, you know what they say about people that don't love themselves, They can't give love to anyone else.


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  • Yeah but confidence is more important once you have the girl after that you can slow down doing that stuff all the time is trying way too hard.

    • Well, no matter what I think confidence is a big thing. I don't think a woman wants a whiney insecure guy who couldn't take care of himself. If he can't take care of himself and control his own feelings, then he can't take care of his girl. Women themselves are sensitive and most of them are overflowing with insecurities/sensitivity. The lady needs a strong dude to take care of her at those times of need. I think there is a big difference between cocky/arrogance and confidence, wouldn't you say?

    • AHAH I had a conversation with my friends about that question today, there is a difference but IMO confidence is just a way of being and ahaving less ego and being more humble than being a loud mouth so I do agree with you

  • confidence is quite simply how one carries oneself; that's it...