My girlfriend is annoying the snot out of me.

I love my girlfriend very much, but she is constantly texting me. It's not easy for me to text at work, and when I went home sick and after telling her so. She called me calling me a liar, and said that I should have texted back. How can I voice to her that texting consistently throughout the day is completely unnecessary, and that she doesn't need to feel uncertain to when I am busy?


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  • Well, did something happen that might make her so distrusting of you? I gotta ask, cause if something happened in your past (cheating, lying, deceit of some sort,) even if you've both agreed to drop it and move on, it would explain a lot about her behavior.

    In general, though, I think you should just tell her exactly what you said in your question :) Her constant texting/checking up is unnecessary and over-bearing, and she needs to show some confidence and trust when you are apart if the relationship is ever going to work.

    • Truthfully, I've never lied, cheated, or did anything to not gain her trust, but I see your point on basically the need to open up, and explain things to her. She knows I don't like texting often and I will just need to be more detailed in my explanation. Thanks :)

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  • ...just as you wrote it ...i'm sure she'll understand if she loves you...if not then I dunno,if she doesn't trust you then, you gotta do what you gotta do...


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  • Just how you did there. Explain to her that texting is not allowed while you are at work, and she needs to start trusting you more.

  • I had that problem before with a stalker. It's all fun until you get 10+ texts a day before responding. Just say it to her.

    I hope you didn't get in a relationship with a clingy girl.