Is it worth it to date your guy freind

Me and this guy have been freinds since 6th grade I've never really seen him as more. But I've started to really like him and see him as more. I know he has had a crush on me for a while now and I wanna be more than friends but I'm afraid it will make it awkward or if we break up we won't be freinds anymore. Can you please share your ideas or experience


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  • Um lol I was in the same situation! But I didn't know him as long as you have yours.

    I met this really awesome guy about a year ago (maybe a little more) and we were always "just" friends. We really started connecting 3 months and became close, but still we were just friends. I knew he liked me more though because he was flirting with me, calling me his girl, all that good stuff. And he even told people that I was his girlfriend xD

    Just like you though, I was kinda hesitant on taking that step into relationship land because I didn't want to mess up our amazing friendship. BUT, I started developing feelings for him and I thought to myself, "You only get one life, and in that one life, you will never have second chances most likely." So, I said screw it and we're dating now, "officially" for a few weeks :D Thinking back, we were always kind of dating but we never called it that.

    If you like him more than a friend, and he likes you back, go out with him. Smile, laugh, and just have a good time. Quit thinking about tomorrow so seriously because tomorrow might never happen.

    Also, think about this: say you don't want to "ruin" your friendship (and if you do break up, who says it'll be awkward?! You gave it a try, it didn't work, but that's okay. No need for it to be awkward imo)... anyways... say you decide no but then tomorrow he starts seeing another girl. Will you be okay with that?


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  • How can it be weird and why would it be weird? It definitely will be if you let it be! If you like him and he likes you and you both think you want to be more then you should start the relationship. It isn't at all beneficial at this stage to think of possible bad things that ruin great relationships. I don't think you sound like you really want to go through with it personally.

  • I think you need to trust your feelings. If you like him more than a friend, then go for it.. you only live once, and you never know, it could definitely work out. I think sometimes, you need to be willing to take some chances to get and find out what you really want.

  • It's really worth it.

    You've known him for a long time, and dating will simply make you closer and your relationship will be more successful than dating someone whom you just know about 3 months ago.


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