Guy taking a loooong time to reply to texts?

Basic background: (If you cba reading it, question is at the bottom)

Met at work, he took my by surprise by kissing me after a work do. He's kind of shy, so I asked him out to see if there was anything in it, date was going well (coffee) but cut short because the cafe was closing early. Awkward goodbye hug. I assumed he wasn't into it and moved on.

A couple months later it's obvious he's still into me (all my colleagues have noticed too so I'm not being delusional), so I've tried to set up a couple of dates, but they fell through both times (no-ones fault) and after the second one he left me with a "we should do something another time :)"

I then left it up to him, but got nothing so I caved and texted him again. The thing is, he takes like an hour-hour and a half to reply. WTF. every single time. Should I forget about it?

Things is, once we start texting, he's the one pushing the conversation- I'm usually always the one to end it because I eventually get tired of waiting for his replies.


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  • He may have other things going on in his life, or he could be trying to play it cool or something & not seem clingy I don't know I don't really see the point in that though as they might move on.Maybe ask him why he takes so long to reply in a serious manner or a playful manner, your choice.


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  • At least he's replying.

    It must be that he's just busy. Give it time.

  • Maybe he is nervous or scared to text you. He don't want to be clingy and needy.

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  • You should forget about texting guys FIRST! If he doesn't text you then he probably doesn't have interest about you