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I've recently signed up to a dating site I'm 4 months out of a LT relationship & I just really did it for company! I have been chatting to a really nice man on it texting phone calls etc & he wants to go on a date I feel a bit weird about the whole thing because its so out of character for me, has anyone got any advice? Has anyone on here been on dates from dating sites? And how did they end up? Thanks for taking the time to read my questions


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  • Dating sites are just another way/place to meet people. They come with all their own nuances and specifics. For example, people never look as good as they do in their photo; but, you really can get to know someone before you go on a date (as opposed to meeting someone at a party or a wedding... or a bar.) The challenge for most people is that they want the dating site to be some kind of guarantee, or for the experience to match what they have in their head... neither of which is realistic.

    Honestly, the only thing to do is just go out on dates. Try and keep your expectations realistic, trust your gut and don't feel bad about hurting someone's feelings (i.e. be safe), take the time to learn the differences in meeting people this way which just takes experience and time.

    Your biggest enemy (from the way you posted this question) is yourself. You've taken the time to post a profile, respond to someone, exchange communication with someone... now just finish it off and go meet the person.

    BTW: literally millions of people have met on dating sites and thousands and thousands have gotten married off of them. There is no one way they turn out and you probably know lots of people who've done it.

    Good Luck.


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  • If you're comfortable going out with the man, then go.

    I've had multiple success with dating sites, and I really started to get the hang of it.


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  • yes, I have gotten to go to two different blind dates actually. Both were weird, but nice. The latest one ended up in us having sex so it was not that bad, we are still friends though. Nothing such as a relationship happened with any of them.