Why do I want to text my ex how do I avoid it?

i unofficially dated this guy for months and we just stopped talking and now it's been over 2 month that we have not spoken.

for some reason even though he was a jerk I really miss him and I keep feeling tempted to text him.

why is this happening? why do I still want him? what do I do?


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  • Yeah, me and My ex dated unofficialy dated for a few months too. She cheated on me then some how got me to take her back then ended up breaking my heart a month later. Yet she had so many amazing qualities and the only bad thing she ever did was that. I think about her all the time and it's extremely hard for me to not think about her or not text her...

    If I do I usually get ignored or get a nasty response. But what people say is literally go find a new hobby or something that takes your mind off everything. For me started going back to Boxing and Muay Thai. If the temptation to text her is getting to high and I know I will I just go there and beat the sh*t out of some bags...


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  • As a guy my girlfriend broke up with me for cheating but I think about her all the time, all I think about is texting her apoligizing and wanting to talk to her but I have not. I would sometimes you just can't avoid it. Cause its so hard to forget them.

    Maybe ill knock myself out and force amnesia lol how about you try it first and tell me what happens ;-)

  • delete his number


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  • These feelings will last for a little while longer. You need to get closure before they stop and you find yourself ready to move on.

    Don't text him.

    I know it seems like a good idea but you'll be putting your self-esteem on the line and if you don't get a response or you get an unfavourable response then it will just destroy you emotionally.

    Don't take the risk. Even consider deleting the number from your phone so you're not tempted.

  • I feel the same way you feel right now. You have no choice but to have feelings for some one you've dated. There's a connection. You probably still want him because there are some characteristics about him that you Love. That's the worst part about dating a Jerk. If you make yourself busy, you'll start to miss him a little less! Trust me it works. When you feel tempted to text him, just think about the worst thing he's ever done to you.

    • I'm super busy I'm in a doctorate program. Part of the reason I want to talk to him is because he studied the same thing but he graduated.