Is this a friendly relationship or something more?

It was my birthday and this girl I've recently gotten to know a little bit sent me a text in the morning. We went on one "date" on our university's campus a few weeks ago where we had dinner together (which was really nice and I would say went really well, although it was hard for me to tell if it was a date or not considering this is college and all). We plan on seeing a movie together next weekend while spending the day together. Anyways, she sent me a text message in the morning where she wished me a happy birthday, hoped I had a good day/night and added on, "You're a wonderful guy and I'm grateful for every time you made me smile." It's hard to tell if she's genuinely interested in me or not. What is your opinion? Is this more of a friendly relationship or something more?

Well, that's the thing. She recently got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship with her former boyfriend, which was a pretty bad breakup according to her. Then again, she did tell me on our first date that she had gone on a blind date set up by her friend, which went terrible, and she did say she had a really great time with me and agreed to get together again. I think she's a little unsure since her ex recently asked her back via apology; although, she told me she wasn't sure how to feel about that.
Thanks, that's what I'm worried about actually - being the rebound. I actually just got out of a one 1/2 year relationship at the same time she got out of hers, so it was sort of convenient we both started talking. She was in one of my classes last semester, but we never actually talked too much. It sounds like her last relationship was really controlling, so I want to seem like I'll be giving her more "freedoms" (like being able to dye her hair which her ex didn't allow for whatever reason).


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  • It sounds like either it's something more or she's not sure yet. I mean, you ARE dating, which is sort of like an interview for a relationship. If she's still interested, she'll keep hanging out with you probably, right? If you're spending a whole day together, it sounds like there's something more romantic going on there.

    Are you going to try to make a move? Try to kiss her and then if she's like oh he tried to kiss me gross! just be like no I wasn't I was just walking and your face got in the way. Lol!


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  • I think you have the upper hand most likely... I recently got out of a 4.5 year relationship, and I'm so done with that a**hole... He did ask for me back but it was rather lame. I have had a date that went terribly, and I wouldn't have told some guy that I had a sh*tty date unless that was a good date. I would say you have the upper hand because you don't offer all the drama of the relationship that just ended. You are going to have to give her a lot of time. Because she just got out of something, if she did just jump into something with you, it would be a rebound, and you want to be with her when she's less confused and not just rebounding. So give her the time and patience, and she'll probably warm up to you over time, but you can't rush that. You have to just be cool and relaxed, and fun, and just be patient. She's going to eventually come around.


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  • It's clear that she's very interested in you more than a friend.

    Go out with her again.