Is he angry? What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year. The thing is that we haven't had sex. The first time he wanted to do it I thought it was too soon and I refused. He said he understands and I can tell him when I'm ready. Lately I thought I'm ready but I don't know how to tell him that. I'm really shy and it's not something I can say aloud. I tried giving him hints. I asked to come to his house then before anything happened he told me that it's late and he would give me a ride home. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't want to. Like he tries to distance himself from me. Sometimes when we're alone, kissing, he breaks the kiss and turns silent. I think he might be angry but I don't know what to do. When we're at public and not alone he isn't acting this way.


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  • He's not angry. It must be that he's just upset that you don't want to do it with him.

    Next time when you're making out, tell him that you're ready.


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  • I think he assumes you still don't want to do it with him. He isn't a mind reader you know. If you are ready then you will have to outright tell him since I don't think hints will work since you told him you don't want to have sex with him.

    I mean I am a guy and if a girl said that and then next week was hinting I would assume she was just teasing.

    • I didn't tell him that I don't want to. I told him that I'm not ready yet. And it's been months.

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  • honey, you need to go up to him and say " I love you and I'm ready to show you that I do." Sex is not subtle, so you shouldn't be subtle about it either. Good luck