I deleted her, should I add her back?

I been talking to this girl for two months and wanted to meet. we used to text like 24/7 but out of no where she started responding late and talking less. She claimed she's been busy with work.

So I was like okay. Then we started chatting on Facebook like 4 words a day. The other day I said hi and she went offline the same second. Then she came on after 3 hours and I waited one hour for her to say something and she didn't.

So I just unfriended her and she never said anything about it or text me. But she says she likes me so was she really busy OR she found someone else? Do you think I should add her back or text her?

Was I reasonable for unfriending her? or is she not interested in the first place?


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  • don't add her back and don't text her anymore. she's uninterested.. if she never said anything after you unfriended her, it means she doesn't care whether you're a friend or not. have a nice day (:


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  • She is most probably not interested in you. Don't add her back.


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  • It's not worth adding her back.