Has anyone ever dealt with a person who does this

she told me she likes me and wants to see how things will work out for me and her, and I asked her yesterday what happens if she meets someone or will she be dating someone, she said she's not into dating anyone and she asked me the same question and told her I won't date anyone, today she told me her ex is moving back with her to help with rent and she goes on by saying we are allowed to date we aren't in a relationship and she told me she's going to take it slow with him and me. what's her problem anyways


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  • It seems that she wants to keep her options open.

    Simply move on and find a better girl.

    She'll likely go back to her ex since it seems that she still has feelings for him.


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  • No I haven't been in that situation before. I'd say walk away from that, actually run.

  • Walk away is all I can say. Unless you are into someone else's left-overs.