Stripper got my number and texted me the same night. What should I do?

So, I went to a strip club tonight and went to the VIP with a stripper, we concluded our business, and I went back to the main floor. Later on that night she comes back to me and says hi, has a bit of a chat, and asks me for my number. I give it to her, and she immediately texts me so I have her number.

Then, later the same night, after the club is closed, she sends me a text message saying it was nice to meet me, to which I reply roughly with a thanks and a likewise... then she responds asking me if I want to meet up tomorrow or the next day.

The question is, should I respond or not? I know the risks and stigma that can surround these situations outside the strip club, and I know sometimes this is a way for them to expand their client base, so I wanna know if you guys think the reward is worth the risk.


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  • Two distinct possibilities come to mind and I've lived both of them.

    The Bad:

    She's continuing the hustle. So she's not in the club, you think she's into, right? Well, where is there a rule that says she can't continue the hustle out of the club as well? She might just be trying to establish you as one of her regulars. You go to the club, you go to her and you pay her because you're hers. Out of the club, you meet up and she gets even more from you. I was in a relationship with a stripper for 5 months that was pretty much this. She was a succubus, and everyone saw it but me because I was blinded by an ideal.

    The Good:

    She actually likes you, maybe as just a friend, maybe more. In the time I was with the aforementioned girl, I met other strippers and became friends with some. They gave me their numbers or asked me for mine. We text, or Facebook each other. They're pretty open and genuine people. There's no interested in anything physical between us, just a friendship. In fact, they all warned me of the first girl.

    Then...there's one who was a friend, and I asked her out casually to a party. Not really trying to go on a date so much as just hang out. She said she wanted to go, but ended up standing me up and danced that night instead. I got kind of drunk at the party and a friend dragged me to the club, and I saw her. I walked up to her while she was on stage, and she saw me and immediately stopped her dance, leaned over, and started begging me not to hate her. She started crying and apologizing over and over, and tried to explain things. Could it have been a story and act? Sure, but I don't believe so after having time now to reflect on it (it was over a year ago).

    Then a few months later, I asked her about that night, and she said she really regretted not going out with me that night, and if she had paid more attention to me, then she could have been in my girlfriend (the first girl's) shoes. Fast forward another couple months, and I got rid of that first girl, and the one who stood me up had gotten rid of her ex and stopped dancing. I told her that the first girl and I were over, and she asked if that meant she had a chance.

    Fast forward another few months, and we were kind of casually dating, kind of hanging out as really good friends. Since that time, we've started a relationship and are living together. She's not danced in a long time, is working a regular job, and all my friends who warned of the other girl actually like this one. Can things end up in a flaming train wreck later? I suppose, but every relationship can be like that. However, it seems good now. It also kind of helps that I knew this girl nearly a year before we started a relationship. I got to know her more than the first girl.

    My assumption is what can happen falls under The Bad because that's more common...but there's also a chance it can fall under The Good. If you get involved in any way - friendship or more, just be apprehensive.


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  • If you're paranoid about being in contact with her, it's a red flag to you. Your instinct is telling you NOT to call/contact her. (Probably not a great idea to have given her your number if you'd "concluded business" as you so aptly put it.)

    If you don't mind being part of her expended client base, then answer the text.


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  • I've had friends that were strippers an they were great people. The ones I knew were college graduates and were well rounded. The job just pays really well. Be cool and go for it but watch out. My friends told me some of the girls are crazy.

  • You should meet up. You should be careful because there are some crazy women working as strippers. If they are asking for money for this and that, you should just say good bye.

  • you are in bro go and give that a hit right NOW

  • You should respond.

    It seems that she was attracted to you and wants to build something outside her work.