Why would this guy act like this?

So I dated this guy for a few months I feel we were more friends then boyfriend & girlfriend .well he broke up with me and went back to this ex he was on&off again for 4 years. We ran into each other a few weeks ago & he's been texting me said if I'm ever bored to give him a call. Well he was out drinking last night called me but I was out & didn't answer he left a message yeah I didn't think you'd answer. Then today he texts me not a good idea talking again lets leave it the way it was. Where is this coming from? I know his ex dumped him again so is he just taking it out on me ? Why act like I did something wrong?


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  • It seems that he's using you as a last resort when the dating world fails him.


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  • Sounds like since he knows that he and his ex are always getting together and then breaking up,he wanted to keep you on the back burner...just in case.

    Just in case DID happen because his ex dumped him again,and he was trying to contact you for some booty or company...maybe both.Since you didn't jump to get in contact with him,you're not playing his game...so yeah.He's pissed.

    Don't ask why people do things like this.People are selfish and even play games at other peoples expense.What's important is that you are not allowing him to play you.Just ignore him and move on.