Dating online guy who is dating multiple girls?

I guess how many dates should I go and then stop if I realized that this is not going to work out.


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  • The reason why people date is so they can weed out who they like the most from that bunch.

    Give him a shot.

    If you two end up exclusively dating each other and he is still seeing other girls, then it's a problem.

    Right now he isn't committed to you or them, so he can see who he pleases.

    Also, to answer your question you should know after the first date if you two mesh well together or not. After that it can take a few more dates or many more, to become official (there is no set time).


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  • 2 or 3

  • The chances are pretty slim, though it's worth it when the two of you can work it out.

    2 dates and you will determine if it can work out for both of you.


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  • This is a tough situation, I guess you have to decide if he is really interested or if he is just a player. There are a lot of guys with issues just trying to get some.

    • I realized that and I am hoping he is not one but then again I don't really know. What would you say is typical?

    • One guy I saw I guess really liked me, but had a parade of girls coming though his room (found out from his roommate). Another one has seen a couple people over the past couple months, but isn't a total slut as far as I know lol. It seems that the ones that have jobs that they are busy with have less time to get into trouble, but that's just my personal experience. It sucks, but its just so hard to tell so often.