Ladies, what would you do if... were married and your husband crawled into bed with you and started kissing your neck and you said "I'm not in the mood tonight" and he said "I'm not looking for sex, I just want to kiss your neck"?

Or if he started massaging your back/shoulders and you said "I'm not in the mood tonight" and he said "I'm not looking for sex, I just want to rub your shoulders / massage your back"?


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  • I wouldn't have assumed he wanted sex in the first place. My partner and I do that kind of stuff all the time without having sex.


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  • Awww.. I don't know for some reason I thought this was cute :D .. but to be honest, whenever my boyfriend comes close to me, we end up having sex..even if I'm not into mood, seeing him wanting me to please him puts me in the mood immediately :D

  • If I loved my husband, I would enjoy the gestures.

    If my mind is preoccupied with thoughts if something or someone else. I would discourage his behavior, and act just like she was by saying "im not in da mood".

    • What if you didn't love your husband?

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    • :-) about your random thoughts Ok, well Curiosity is a good thing I guess..ur, thanks for clearing that up. I was starting to get in my "Dr.Phill"mode on ya .

      Best wishes tho...when you do get married, I hope she don't behave the way we described. :-).

    • Oh OK, Kinda ..i mean really random question.

      Well good..glad I didn't have to pull my Dr. Phil. Out on ya. Lol.

      Also, best wishes for when you are ready for marriage, hopefully she won't have any of the symptoms we have described here. :-)

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