I like a girl a lot but she can not date yet

Ok brothers and sisters what am I saying I am no priest. Well lets cut to the chase the girl I like knows how I feel and stuff I do not know her number I told her she was pretty and things so she was happy but she told her friends I do not if this is good or bad so tell me I didn't here things like she thinks your weird or anything but. OK my appearance is not the best but who cares I do not have to many friends but just enough so guys and gals I need your help so please give your full opinion I really really really really really really really really like this girl almost love don't you all go like you do not know what love is to me I know what it is


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  • yes I could not date for years and I hid my relationship with my boyfriend for almost 5 months until I told my parents! and I did it for love

  • Be careful. You are stepping around hot coals here. A lot of girls like you to be honest. If she hasn't started shunning you yet, it means she is OK with you liking her. As for her friends, that is completely normal. A girls friends are like her safety line. They know everything and anything about her. In fact, it might be smart to ask her friends some questions about her. See what she likes. It could also get her interested, let her know you are interested enough to try to find out more. Best of luck!


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