What should I think about him?! So confused!!

Okay so I met this guy in my class not too long ago, and we've been texting and we usually go out to eat lunch before and after class and in class he's always pulling my hair and messing around with me. But through texting he's really boring! He doesn't keep the conv going and it gets awkward. I try talking about things but the conv always dies down. We started talking about relationships but he said let's change the conv. I found out he's never had a girlfriend before so I'm just confused. My friends say he like me and he's just being shy... But I don't know what to think! Why does he act weird?! How can I have interesting conv's with him? He's really cute!

Yeah and I kind of got mad so I stopped replying to him and he was like are you mad? and I didn't reply so he said goodnight... N then the next day said heyy.. So I mean he makes the effort to talk to me but I don't know what exactly he wants?


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  • Some people just suck at texting, it's not how they express themselves the best. It sounds like he's not boring outside of texting, so I'm going to lean towards him just not being comfortable with texting. Not having a girlfriend for his whole life also means he doesn't really know how the ropes are yet. He's not sure what he should or shouldn't say.

    If you are into him, and he's into you, try and schedule an actual date, where you two can sit down, have something eat, maybe go to the beach, park, whatever so you guys can talk in person and enjoy a day out. See how that goes.


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  • It's clear that he's interested. Though he's just shy in nature that's why he wants to take things slow before indulging into deep topics like relationships.


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  • Just don't text him, or like text him to meet you somewhere