[TRUE or False] If you stop texting a guy, he will call?

Various online dating articles suggest that:

1. if a guy is into you but won't call you, just don't text him back. Then he'll call you.

2. Asking him to define a relationship after the 3rd date will scare him away.

3. The longer you make him wait to have sex, the more he'll respect you.

So, are these tips true or false in your experience?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. If a girl did that to me, depending on the circumstances , might not hear from me again. Why? Because I think she's not interested anymore and don't want to harass her if she doesn't like me trying to contact her. Don't intentionally ignore someone, bad idea. Don't do it. So, False.

    2. Yes and no. You have to feel where things are by the third date. You can't put a definite "by the third date" on it. Different dating situations happen at different speeds. Some guys want more time before going into a relationship, although they def want a relationship with you. Some move faster. Some don't want a relationship at all. But keep in mind some do, they just take longer. Who knows? He might be overjoyed you brought it up. I would ask where do you feel things are going with us? Or something like that. And communicate what you want. But don't make demands that ll drive a guy away.

    3. Very true. Although us men are very horny and aggressively want sex, if you give it up to easily, then we see the girl as more of a hookup rather than a date. I advise girls don't put your bodies out there to guys. In the end you just abuse yourself. The more conservative you are with sex, the more datable and respectable guys see you. But, that doesn't mean be crazy conservative. But maybe show that you don't just easily hookup with someone or some random guy. They have to be someone special.


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What Guys Said 5

  • 1. He most likely won't text or call. You not responding to texts means that you are not interested in him or may be busy. Prolongation of no replying will make him think you lost interest.

    2. No, very very not true. You guys both know when a relationship feels right and you don't have to question. You can ask any time what he thinks and he'll let you know if a relationship is good or if you two just don't seem right.

    3. To an extent. A guy truly interested in you and respecting of you will withhold sex for a long time. But after a year or so without him getting any and you keeping it from 'just because you can' is very selfish and you wouldn't be worth the time of day to him.

    All false overall.

  • No.

    Stop reading stupid on-line dating articles.

    None of these tips are true. If you make a guy wait forever to have sex, 8 times in 10 he'll find it somewhere else.

    There are no rules, each relationship is unique. It all depends on the people involved. Trust you gut.

    So many of these women are single and remain single most of their lives because they take advice about men from other non-married or divorced women - who are clueless too.

    Oh, and Steve Harvey is full of sh** and trying to sell books.

  • False, possibly, and possibly.

  • A girl did that to me and I thought she's not interested so I didn't bother to call

  • 1. If I text a girl, and she doesn't text back, after a few times I won't bother anymore.

    2. Often true.

    3. Depends on the guy. For me, it doesn't make a difference. I don't see sex as a moral problem. It's something to be enjoyed. If after about a month of being together, she still doesn't want to have sex, that would probably be the limit for me.


What Girls Said 4

  • 1. False. Guys of today rarely call, and if you ignore him, he probably won't text you anymore.

    2. Likely true. Why rush a relationship when you barely know the person. Assume you are free to see other people until you both agree to be exclusive.

    3. Not sure. If he's a decent guy, he probably won't care. However, I advise waiting a while to have sex (3 months+) to weed out guys who aren't great, so you don't give it to someone who later turns out to be a jerk, you know?

  • All of those are true (personal experience).

    The only problem I have is with number 1. If he isn't calling you and you want him to call, let him know! Say something in a text like "hey I'm doing _____ so can you call me instead? I can't text right now"

    If you don't reply to his texts and start ignoring them, he might think you aren't interested anymore.

  • 1. I would presume if you stop texting a guy he would think you had lost interest in him.

    2. Depends on the guy, and the amount of time between dates. One date a week for 3 weeks, might not be to soon if you are communicating often between dates. 3 dates in one week, probably too soon.

    3. I don't know, though if a guy respects you he'll be willing to wait for sex (though you should have good communication about when you might be comfortable with that step). I don't know if the reverse is true.

  • Every guy is different so you shouldn't assume things based on our answers.

    With my guy, like second?third week after we dating somehow I wasn't able to rrceive his texts. We both didn't know, he texted me and obv I didn't get that. He later day called me asked if everythings ok.

    The point is I always text back but that day I didn't. If a guy knows you'll text him back, and if you dont, then he'll text few and call to see everything OK. But if a guy isn't sure if you are interested in him or not and has little confidence, he may assume you are ignoring him. So when you test this, make sure the guy knows you'll always text him back when he does.

    Third date and he hasn't asked you, then it will scare him away. You are still in get to know progress and he may not sure about it. Maybe you can ask if he is still dating around so you know where youguys stand. But def. If he hasn't brought it up yet, means he's still not sure and asking him will def gives him pressure.

    Mst guy will think if you keep him waiting, means you done the same to other guys and may look you as you are not giving out easy girl. But guys I've met, I had one guy slept on the second and the guy I'm seeing on the third, they both don't care how soon I gave out to them. As long as they like my personality or other things outside bedroom, it doesn't bother them a little. Funny my guy got more attatched after we had sex. So as long as the guy respects you who you are, he won't care. But there are few guys who are old fashioned.. but I mean then they shouldn't have initiated it.. unless the girl just went wild lol right?

    Do whatever you feel right. If he's the right one and he likes you, you'll just know.