How easily do guys cheat when they're drunk, and should it be forgiven?

I drink at social occasions but usually never enough to actually get drunk, so I'm not too familiar with how hazed you get whilst drunk, so that's one basis for my question.

Anyhow, I was on a camping trip the other night with some buddies of mine and this guy I had met as part of the camping group was light-medium weight wasted and I was just kind of tipsy. Long story short, we're all in survival mode cuddling for warmth about 5 hours after the last drink and said guy was coming on to me pretty strong (we were hard core cuddling) and ended up kissing me. And I was like, "cool that's fine" until right after and he says "crap I'm a terrible person I love my girlfriend". At which point I'm startled because I didn't even know about her till then. Anyways, I pulled away so that my face was no longer an option for him to kiss. He tried doing it again after that, so I just left to sit by the fire because I wasn't about to be ruining anybody's lives.

Anyways, I know he was looser than usual probably, but I'm not even sure he was that drunk because my alcohol had worn off a while ago and this guy drinks farily often. He wasn't acting too drunk. So I guess I have two questions here: 1. Was he really that drunk so this should be forgiven and we can stay friends? and 2. Even if he was drunk, what does it say that he kissed me like that? Is cheating cheating, or does being drunk play a huge part in it?

Okay, if you read all that, thanks so much. Any advice is extremely appreciated.


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  • This was borderline. He knew he was off course and tried to correct and then made another move for you. You deserve props for leaving because you, he and his girlfriend would all have felt terrible had it gone further. Alcohol was probably a factor here, but it's never an excuse for cheating. I'd be inclined to forgive him, but be sure that he's aware of your boundaries going forward.

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      Thanks man!