Can anyone figure him out? does he like me or is he bored or what?

i met this guy middle of last year when I broke up with my boyfriend and was going overseas. he got my number and we texted, he asked me out on a date twice and I couldn't because between work and packing didn't have the time.

i was away for two months and I ended up seeing someone when I was over seas. two weeks after I got back he texted again and I was surprised he even remembered. I told him that I was seeing someone and he we still texted for a few days and then stopped.

a fee months went by and he saw me at a concert at the end. he texted me straight away to ask if it were me and to c if I was going to the after party. I said I was and he found me in the club and was being really touchy and wanted to talk. I was a little distant and didn't dance with him because my ex was there watching and that's when he found out that I was free again. he kept trying to get closer to me and bond with my best friend so he coukd get in good. his friends were even looking and I could hear them asking who I was and teasing him for spending most of the night with me.

i ended up leaving with my friend and he texted straight away and asked where I was and if I was coming backing.

he continued to text after that and asked if I was going to a party that Saturday night but I couldn't make it. a few days after that we stopped texing .

inow I just got a new phone and the numbers got transfered to my new phone without the names. so I texted and ingeneral message to everyone asking who everyone was so I could save the names. he replied and thought at first that it was an excuse to talk then I explained and he told me it was him with a smiley face. he didn't respond for the rest of the night so I thought nothing of it. he then today texted asking how everything has been. I just responded with good looking forward to my break . he hasn't responded since. can anyone figure him out? he didn't even have to text that and if you wanted to talk why not respond?


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  • it looks like you have shut him down every time he was around. yeah I'd say he likes you. I wouldn't have tried that hard if I was in his shoes. if you want to encourage him give him a call (just to talk) odds are he will be more then happy and encouraged

    • but then if he was shut down so bad why text now and then not reply? he has the confidence to text and I replied but nothing :s?

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    • he sent me a text seeing how my night was going and asked a few questions I replied late because I fell asleep I responded and he already said goodnight he was sweet. but then didn't respond to what I replied back. and then today I got a message sent the goodnight one but it wasn't late because the other one was sent at a diff time and this one came on the time it said on my phone now. when I was jokin if you wanted to talk you could have just said hi

    • he responded with if I wanted to talk to you I would have said something else.and then nothing its been all day and nothing I thought that was really rude. and I have no idea what happened because he was still texting me all day yesturday and early this morning. what happened? I don't think he will text back I sure won't text him first.

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