Can a guy date someone and never have feelings?

can a guy date someone for 5 months and never have feelings for them because they trying to hide their pain from their last relationship?


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  • Some guys NEVER have real realtionships because of a past one that ended badly. Women as well are like this sometimes. 5 months? 5 years isn't uncommon if qa lot of hurt was involved.

    Of course, most people either try to hide their lack of empathy, or they fake having feelings for someone. And some people are very skilled at faking intimate feelings...certainly they can bring this off for 5 months.

    • no I mean like missing their past and missing his ex girlfriend I'm not talking about what you talking about

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  • "Can a guy date someone and never have feelings?"

    Sure. But I don't think the reason you've given is a good enough reason for a guy to do that.


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  • Yes, it has happened to many friends of mine and even to me. A guy can use a girl just so that he can show that he's moved on with his life, etc. Guys aren't stupid, trust me. But girls can do this also, so I'm not just hating on guys lol but He is a jerk, you shouldn't talk to him. Screw him! Forget about him, you're worth so much more! don't deserve a two timer.