Hi! I have a question about a guy, help pls?

so I have a guy friend, we were not too close at first, but suddenly he's been showing a lot of signs that shows he likes me (hug me, hold my hand, mock strangling, leaning on my shoulder, and many more). but he told me that he isn't interested in dating as long as he's in college, but whenever we're alone he's always trying to hug me etc, but its clear that he's keeping his distance when everybody else is around. why is that? does he like me? does he even interested in dating me?


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  • he gave you a dumb excuse that he isn't interested in dating while in college. He's probably trying to turn you into a FWB.

  • He doesn't want to be rejected around his friends. Like if you were to push him off of you etc..while they're around, it can hurt his ego. Women are the same way


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