If you can't meet anyone in "real life", should you try online dating? Opinions!

And if you struggle with attracting people in real life and no one really asks you out, do you think that your luck will magically change online? Or will you have the same experience?


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  • I have problems meeting people in real life. I do online dating. But I still try to keep an open mind for randomly meeting someone. I try to get out as much as possible, I go to the gym, and I also go out on walks and stuff.

    I think that you have to try to set yourself up for as much exposure as possible. If that means going out with friends, going to parties, going to bars, go the library, whatever, as long as you are getting out there.

    You can meet people online, but it still takes time. Not everyone you meet will like you, and not everyone that likes you will be someone you want to date.

    Online dating definitely helps though. It lets you meet people you wouldn't otherwise cross paths with. And I found that doing the online thing has led me on many adventures. Some good, some bad. But in the end it's an experience you will remember!


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  • I bet if you put yourself in the right situations, socially, you would get attention from guys. It's not like no one will like you. If you keep that negative opinion you might perpetuate that situation. I think you would get attention online; there are lots of people looking.


What Girls Said 1

  • I dnt think your luck will magically change, though online you have more possibilities to meet more people, but not all people date online because they struggle attracting people in real life, depends on the person