Am I stupid for turning down a model? please read even though its long I really coul use some opinions!!

ok so my girl broke up with me 3 weeks ago and I was trying to talk to her till 3 days ago when I wrote her a long ass text of how I felt about her and she texts me like 4 hrs later with "aww :)" it felt really messed up so I decides it's time to cut off contact...the thing is (I already turned down one girl that was pretty hot) I met this girl. She just moved down from ny were she was doing modeling (yes she is very hot) and I thought it was a little odd that she's trying to get at me when there were other guys there too but she said She likes my sense of humor and there is something about me...she's everything that the old me would have wanted! (Before I met the heartbreak girl) she even has red hair not like a ginger but like maryjane from spider man who happens to be my favorite hero of all time(f batman) and then I told her I had a daughter and she says "OMG! Really? I love kids<3 hope I can meet her soon!" So you must be thinking what's the problem? You lucked out but the thing is that my ex always said she wanted to be a model:/ so when I talk to this girl I can't stop thinking about my ex! I know it's dumb since my ex dumped me for another guy and she hasn't even text me since the aww :) text...should I keep talking to this new girl or should I tell her I'm not ready yet? also where I live there isn't a lot of hot hot girls so I know if I reject her someone else will swoop her up. She's really nice though and I don't feel it would be fair to her! so what would you guys do?


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  • Dude, the whole point of dating is that you can try on different relationships without having to commit to one. So model-wanna-be ditched you and NY-model is interested? I say spend some time with her. In my experience, the model types have a short attention span, so don't let her spend much time around your daughter, but otherwise enjoy it.

    Take it slow, don't get physical for a while (sucks I know, but you'll learn fast if it is real) and see how well you fit. If after a few weeks she's still interested then you may have something.

    Figure out what it is that you want, do you want to date for a few more years or do you want to settle down? If dating is what you want then enjoy her company but don't start talking about rings until you've been together for a few years.

    • Haha thank man you actually made me realize I'm single and dating! I guess my mind is still stuck on boyfriend mode! I'm just gonna take it slow and see what happens...she not the model type she moved down to further study or something and she modeled for fun although she did show me some stuff she's been in but thanks I really appreciate your input now I know what to say if anything about seriousness comes up!


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  • Someone who talks about wanting to meet your kids the first few times you hang out is kinda waving a red flag for me. Maybe there's a negative personality trait that you picked up on, but couldn't put your finger on. It's not like you can't continue to get to know her without getting too serious, too soon.

    • I know what you mean by picking up on feelings which I do and I actually read people pretty good but I don't think she's crazy I felt like she said it in a nice way I did switch subjects shortly after that but yeah I will continue to just get to know her...thanks :)

    • Just see where it goes. Good looking people tend to blind us to their faults, so if you keep having that bad feeling, I'd think seriously about it. But if it goes away, it may just be anxiety after a break up. Good luck!

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  • For a guy, this is a long-ass question! :-) ...Given not one word of it is devoted to qualities of either female (or your perspective/preference) about traits other than a physical appearance, making that the deciding factor seems like it would work for you just fine.

    So I'd go ahead with the NY model if I were you.

  • are you stupid for turning down a model? yeah that's pretty dumb bro. lol

  • link

    This is purely a joke, and what I thought of when I saw your question.

    But, no if you don't like the connection or have a weird vibe then don't continue.

    • Hahaha yeah some of my guy friends are like dude she's a model period. And maybe so but I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm more mature than that now I'm 23 and a single dad but good one! Thanks!

    • I don't know, but I'm going to take a stab at this. I had this one girl come after me fairly strong, and for some reason it just felt weird. I'm not sure if it was because she was pursuing me or she seemed desperate. But, later I kinda felt like she was pushing me too fast when I wanted to take control. I think you should you like her, but wanna take it slow at your pace. I think she's pushing the relathionship and in turn pushing you away.

  • Good call! Dating models can become a hassle and somewhat a high stress impact. Other guys who want to get with your girl and the issue of jealousy can ruin the relationship. Get out, man up and go talk to some other ladies. It seems like you have the looks and personality to achieve getting models, why not just play the game and not commit to anything serious.

    • I've always had good looking gfs so I'm not really the jealous type(I did get there with the ex I don't know why but I did) but yeah I just noticed that in the last few days I haven't talked to my ex I've had 2 attractive young ladies approach me! (And they ask for my number!) I'm not the best looking but I'm alright and have style and charisma! So I guess I'm just gonna continue and do me and I can't wait to see what happens when I really put myself out there!

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    • What solution do you propose @adamfk1?

    • Lol what he said! :D