Has not texted me in over a week

This guy I like hasn't texted me in over a week and he just texted me should I text him back or just let him wait.


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  • no I'd ask him what's up? may as well find out what he's been up to and then go from there with how you feel. something may have come up that he had to deal with and didn't want to talk about it. if your his friend I'd check it out rather than play the waiting game and make it more confusing. good luck ok?


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  • hes not interested or your on the back burner and he's dating someone he's more interested in. If you have any self respect either ignore him or text him and tell him that you met someone, aren't interested, deserve better than to be ignored etc. and wish him luck.

    • Im most likely pretty sure he isn't dating anyone and I haven't told him how I felt yet were just friends

  • I'd make him wait, but if you want to talk to him really bad go ahead

    • if your just friends so what text him. that's a dorky questions?! Just friends text each other all the time obviously you have feelings he doesn't know you have out with your feelings and stop obsessing.

    • umm... who are you talking to?