GIRLS!!! is this Good or bad? Texting until she falls asleep

I've been texting this girl more and more lately. She's fully aware I like her and I think she might be interested in me. We will text most of the day and usually until we go to bed. The usual is that we will say goodnight or whatever and then that's the end. The past 2 nights tho, she has fallen asleep mid conversation. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it nothing.

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  • nothing important, she was tired, probably had a long day or has been having lots of stuff goign on lately to make her extra tired. I'm like this sometimes, I usually text gnight if I talk to a guy I like and have a convo till that point but if I fall asleep, I was extra tired, nothing against him.. don't worry bout it unless she doesn't text you the next day.

    • that's great!

    • Today she was actually texting like mad :0 even texted me first

    • ahh I gotcha, ya if she's not a major texter and shy, make sure you don't take it personally, because it's just the way she is.. it'll take her some time to open up to ya :)

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  • 37d

    In my opinion she didn't want to stop talking to you. SO she tried her hardest to stay awake and eventually fell asleep on you. Take it as a good thing.

  • if she stays up to text you even if she is tired that a good sign!

  • Either she likes you or you're one of her closest friends. I wouldn't bother texting until I fall asleep if the guy wasn't either someone I'm interested in or if they weren't one of my best friends

    • i'd say she is at least slightly interested.

    • I've only known her about a month and she knows I like her, I would defiantly say we are not best friends

  • She's interested enoght to keep talking till her eyes close so I would consider it a good sign except if you're in the friend zone.

  • It's nothing, it's cute that she's fallen asleep. Girls love texting guys late into the night!

  • If I'm tired I'll fall asleep texting. It doesn't mean anything bad.

  • I've done that too fallen asleep in mid conversation. It's not bad. If she ignores you day that's obviously a bad sign

  • I personally don't find it bad especially because I've done it before several times and so have guys that I know for a fact have been into me. She was probably really tired. I'm sure if she didn't want to talk to you or got bored with it, she probably wouldn't have been texting you during the day. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

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  • Stop f***ing around with her and ask her out waiting too long will friend zone you.

    • Nice

    • I don't really believe in friend zoning :/ if you attracted to someone then you're attracted to someone. I get what you're saying, I'm asking her to hang out this weekend

  • I used to do that with my girlfriend.. I mean falling asleep xD Because I went to bed a lot earlier than her, but I'd stay up a while in bed texting her.. Now there'd come a time when I had to go to sleep (I did have to get up in the morning) so then if she replied quick I'd reply saying I wsa going to sleep and that but if she took a little while I just put my phone away and went to sleep (and even if I was awake when she replied I wouldn't know because it was on silent).. The good thing with doing this is that I could then reply to her last night text in the morning (it gives a reason to text and something to say)

  • Probably bad, you either:Bored her to sleeporJust likes your attentionIf she texts you in the morning saying she fell asleep or something happened, she's probably telling the truth and hopes you'll forgive her which means she probably likes youFlirt with her and see what she does

    • Being available, isn't a bad thing, however, it might make you come off as needy

    • Ya I've heard it's better if I end it before she does cause it makes her want to talk more or something? Cause if she's always the one to end it then it makes me seem like in always available

    • Yeah she was probably just tired. You probably should have just asked if she wanted to sleep and she would have said yes or no. It's always a good idea to ask what they want, even if they don't know what they want because it lets them know you care about what they think

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