GIRLS!!! is this Good or bad? Texting until she falls asleep

I've been texting this girl more and more lately. She's fully aware I like her and I think she might be interested in me. We will text most of the... Show More

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  • nothing important, she was tired, probably had a long day or has been having lots of stuff goign on lately to make her extra tired. I'm like this sometimes, I usually text gnight if I talk to a guy I like and have a convo till that point but if I fall asleep, I was extra tired, nothing against him.. don't worry bout it unless she doesn't text you the next day.

    • Ya every other time she will say "goodnight *my name* :)". She didn't text me the next day tho, she really isn't huge one texting and she's really shy. I'm one of very few of her guy friends too

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    • Today she was actually texting like mad :0 even texted me first

    • that's great!