What's up with this girl?

I dated this girl for about 7 months last year. I think that I kind of broke her heart, and I know that I acted kind of immature after the break up. We've recently started seeing each other again, and I asked her if she considered us to be in a relationship again and she said " I think we should just take it really slow and just hang out or whatever." When we were dating last time it seemed like she is the one who wanted to define the relationship, but now I don't know what's going on?


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  • You said yourself that you broke her heart, so she's obviously just being cautious and feeling you out so she doesn't get hurt again.


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  • She has a wall up because you broke her heart last time. Its a precaution

    She is taking for a couple reasons. First because its so easy to get righ

    Back into it and end up broken up again fast. And because taking it slow

    Is being patient and responsible. Shows you care. I know from experience!


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  • she wants to take it slow and see what happened because last time, as you said, you may have broken her heart and acted kind of mature.

    Analogy: You jump into a swimming pool and it's boiling hot. Are you going to jump in next time or stick your toe in to see if it's ok?

    She is sticking her toe in the water. She wants to see if you've changed, see if things will be different before she defines your relationship at all. Can't blame her can you?