Would you befriend a girl you dated?

Like the title says, would you be happy to befriend someone you dated briefly and broke up with, even if you don't have many things in common?

Would it be okay to be friends or, as the dumper, you didn't have any more interest in that person and would be weird if they asked you to?


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  • Me personally, no I wouldn't do that. I don't care how long we dated for. If we break up that's it. So if you break up with me because there were things that we didn't have in common, you might as well consider that break up talk as your goodbye as well. Even if we were friends first and we broke up, it's a wrap. I don't go backwards. That's just me though. Plenty of people do befriend their exes. There's nothing wrong with suggesting it. All they can say is yes or no.

    • I mean like you broke up with that person, and she asks if you still wanna be friend? Since you guys didn't date long enough to fall in love and stuff...

    • No, I still would not. In that situation, my interest was in dating, not with being friends.


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  • I would only be friends with any person I dated if I felt like I had enough in common to sustain a friendship. Otherwise I wouldn't really see the point of being friends..

  • I've always believed a clean break is the best break. Would I want my girlfriend hanging with all the guys she banged? Not really nor do I have any interest in meeting them. If I did and they were low quality, I run the very real risk of thinking she's low quality.


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