Awesome first date....but he never consistently contacts me back...

I went on this really nice first date with a nice guy...and then the first week I didn't hear back from him AT ALL. Second week out of the blue he starts messaging me online about what a great time he had blah blah blah. Then he continues to randomly message me every two weeks for the next month or so. Now...I don't know if its important but we're like hours apart from each other until I go home from college. Most people have told me that he probably has other girls on the side and that I should drop him...what do ya'll think?


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  • Sorry to say it sounds like he is not very interested in you and there is also the chance that he could be seeing other girls. There is also a chance that he could not be seeing another girl because everyone is not a cheat or the same.

    Even if he has been busy if he is interested he would make the time to contact you, not every day but once or twice a week. It is clear that you do not trust him which means it will not work and he is not the right one for you.

    The best thing to do is forget about him and move on. You are still young and have plenty of time for relationships in the future. Just go out and have fun with your friends, do the things you want to do and when the time is right/you least expect it you will meet someone else.


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  • he probably has other girls but you can't worry about that and go by what people are assuming. You don't really know but what's the rush? At least he is calling you period. just maybe not as much as you like but I think he does like you and he is just takin his time getting to know you. its not like you two are together. Yall are just dating. plus your hours away so he is doing other things busy but he does make time to call you when he can. just be patient. Don't assume anything yet for it is too early to be doin that and until you actually have prove. besides, he is not your man nor obligated to jus date you. He is still single. And you all are long distances from each other. So just b cool let things flow, be friends and not worry about tht other stuff. And if you don't hear from him no more in a long time, don't sweat it. its not you. its all apart of dating and move on.

  • There is another girl in the picture. Don't take this guy seriously because he's probably a player and not going to take you seriously. If you are looking for something real you should drop him, if not then keep him around just don't expect anything from him. Distance doesn't matter. If he was really really into you he would have more consistent contact with you.