Guys, why don't you text us first?

Guys, if you're not texting a girl first but respond immediately to a girls text or text personal stuff when she asks how you are is this a sign of interest or do you just see her as a friend if she is your friend but you aren't that close.


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  • We have in our heads an idea that tells us hot and cold works. Showing disinterest and then interest. It's bait. It's intended to show how calm and collective while proving that were not the average guy. It's an affirmation. We try and gauge your interest level based on how often you reach out to us.

    Does it work? I don't have a clue. I've spoiled my own opinion by using so many various tactics that the information is blurred and meaningless.


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  • "Guys, why don't you text us first?"

    It's because girls don't approach us first. By approaching you, we've already shown sign of interest. After that, its your turn.

  • Cause its a game if the girl texts first she obviously wants the guy more.


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