I'm drunk and need some answers before I text something crazy!!!

I have been talking to this women for a while and I get the feeling that maybe she likes me more than a friend. We have been out on a date and talk more in person than anything else. Well I see her in public today she is with a co worker and she doesn't even acknowledge that I'm in the same place. I figured she would at least say hello or wave. Question being should I hang it up or drive on and see what happens and has she just said screw it and just pushed me to the back burner?


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  • take another shot, have some fun. pick up the phone tomorrow and ask her yourself


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  • I'd say first PUT DOWN THE PHONE.

    Second, it's hard telling. If she's with a co-worker, maybe she worried about seeming unprofessional if she talked to you. Maybe they were in an important conversation ... I know if I get to leave the office anymore, it's more of a working lunch.

    I would just see what happens and hold off on any texting until you're sober.


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  • Did your life all of a sudden "Stop" when you met her? No. So go live it and let the girl be. She knows your interested and probably had a good chat. If something was wrong, texting her would hurt the situation more. If something wasn't wrong, you're just adding insecurity to the equation which is hurting your situation by annoying her. etc and so forth. Take time to breathe, if she doesn't pick up the phone in the next few days, invite her out or ask her what she's doing to see if you can spend more time with her. But don't be a lost puppy dog.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • well, sometimes a girl can like you but still be a bitch for no reason around certain ppl.. but that would make ME not want her. I think you should feel the same and look for someone better.

  • Simply hang it up.

    Nothing good will happen.

  • Switch off every mode of communication like phone,pc,tablets etc

    Have a frnd on your side or some other person there or just lay down and sleep