Guys: When you use smiley faces in texts to girls - do you mean to be flirty?

Guys, if you are texting a girl and you use :) after you say something do you mean to be flirty?


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  • I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to.


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  • Usually I'm trying to show that I'm smiling, but sometimes it's because of flirting. The wink usually is more flirtatious for me.

    • Since the wink is of a sexual nature, and the only way to know if someone is flirting, is if they're being sexual

  • Assume nothing. The number one mistake people make with this kind of thing is trying to pin a message to a gesture that is so vague it's ridiculous. Even if you were polling a lot of time the answer just for an individual is inconsistent; smiley-faces in texts are like those you got in kindergarten on stickers as both can be interpretted in various mostly empty ways.

    • I think she just wants to know if guys do the same thing as women. Women will use emoticons if they like you (typically), so she wants to know if men do the same..just give her a break here

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    • Thanks Ineedadvice. I'm catching hell for a simple question - who would have thought?

    • If you consider this "hell" then you're far too sensitive for the truth.

  • Totally depends on the person and situation. WE can't answer that.


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