Should try to find a way back into his heart or face the fact that all is lost?

Based on this conversation, do you think this relationship is broken? Or is there a chance of things being fixed?

Girl: "You know I feel that I'm worth more than just a text message every now and then. If you really cared or were even the least bit concerned you would make the time. It's obvious you don't want to be with me so I'm just going to leave you alone. Simple as that. Why should I care about someone who could care less about me.

Consider me gone."

Guy: "Your right. I'm not worthy. you deserve better! Sorry. It's been tough"


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  • Do you really want to make this work , if yes then you can directly call him , say I was really upset , cause I don't see you giving me much time , if your are in any problem , you can share it with me , etc , if he is really interested he will tell you everything if not , he mite be little angry for the moment , as it was blunt message what you had sent , keep your lines open before hanging up as in tell him , your sweet talks and say expecting your call, and I will wait for the call .

    if you don't see anything inreturn, call him 2moro again


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  • All is lost now. You have to find another guy.


What Girls Said 2

  • you deserve better is usually translated as he is not the one,you deserve better that's b.s. if they care like you said , they would show it ,period..leave him alone for now, see if he comes back, don't chase or tell him you changed your mind or you will continue getting the same crumbs.He is obviously distracted with "something" else .

  • c if he cared he'd do better. not say you should go get someone else.

    you deserve better. means you're right, I should try harder.

    you deserve better than me ,youre right, you should try someone else.

    anyways if he cared he'd keep in touch. as you said. you really want someone you have to direct, to get in touch? he should want to of his own volition.