Why won't guys admit that they would bang/date a butterface?

I seen guys say girls are hot because of their bodies but their faces look so busted. They have a body that's curvy in the right places but when you look at their face your like ehhh

Before you state I'm a hater I hear guys at my work and school looking at a girls body, then having saying "ehh.." About their face. It makes me angry that guys would have a girl with a nice body than face

No I'm not fat. I'm one of the "pretty/gorgeous girls". Not to be conceited, but I get told this alot. I never get I'm hot from guys, but when guys talk about me they will say beautiful, gorgeous, or beauty queen (weird)


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  • Why does that make you angry? If you're beautiful, then what's so threatening about another babe having a rockin body but average face? Even if you aren't fat, this makes you sound like you have issues with your own body. Or like you're bitter because a guy chose a girl over you, a girl who you think you are better than.


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  • ehhhh because I wouldn't...I'd rather have a pretty face with a so so body than a butterface...Seeing a woman's face in ecstasy during sex is the biggest turn on. So I don't think I could even look at a butterface during sex if I think her face is ugly. I'd just go limp...

  • I would bang a butter face till she couldn't walk on a daily or more basis with great enthusiasm.

    Butter face > pretty fat to me.

  • butter face? I have never heard of that phrase before lol

    im guessing you mean a chubby girl with a nice face?

    well I don't care too much about the body but if she's got an ugly face then NO chance

    and their is a difference between hot and beautiful, beautiful you marry, hot you put your d*** inside and then go home.

    you probably just havnt found a guy ready for a relationship, or you havnt marketed yourself for the correct audience of guys


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  • Because some guys lie and act like they only fuck bad bitches. Well in real life SOMEBODY is dating and having sex with these ugly girls. It's just bad for the male ego to admit that they are the ones doing it.

  • They do hot body and hair catches a guy before her face does