Should I give in first? But I want him to know that he's partially at fault too...

3 days ago I went to sleep over at my bf's. During laying next to him at night right before sleeping, his friends loves to text him during those time and he will reply them diligently until he got really bored and silent his phone to ignore them. So I sarcastically asked him, you're too busy replying sms, were you texting your lover or something? He was upset saying that if he really did that, he will not be able to do it when I'm in front of his face, and will he be able to talk to me while looking at me in my eyes while texting? So I dropped the conversation as he got upset. The next day, I returned to my home, I texted him while he's at work and he told me he was busy and I told him to text me when he's free and he said OK. I waited until 1am, he didn't texted me back, I knew there's a football match earlier on (his fav team is playing) so I gave him some time allowance, but by 1am, I'm sure he went to sleep without texting me. I texted him, he didn't reply so I texted him saying: "Nice, when I was at your place, you're busy replying all your friends sms diligently, and now is it that hard to give me a text before you go to sleep?" He saw this text the next morning (yesterday) and he became upset, he said I made him upset and I asked him did I asked it wrongly he said yes, and I said OK since you think of it in this way, then it's my fault. He said yes the fault is yours and I'm going to work now. I said thank you and we didn't texted each other since then. I posted something on FB about me having close encounter with death (nearly got hit by a car on the same day we quarreled) and still until now he didn't texted me at all. I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to text him 1st as I don't want him to be all ego especially when I really think that both of us have mistakes here. What should I do now? I feel like he doesn't really care on me when he's behaving in this way right now?


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  • Give in and take teh d***... lol its not giving in just have sex


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  • Well, you didn't do anything wrong. You shouldn't have to feel bad about expressing yourself and if he didn't like the way you did it, then it's his problem not your's. So he turned the table around on you. He's mad that you're mad at him.