I accidentally texted him. What should I do, Please help?

I met this guy at game night and we talked all night and We even hugged at the end. I got his number like five days later from a friend and I asked him if he wanted to go to this group thing that we were doing. He said he would text me the next day to tell me if he could and then the next day he said that he couldn't make it and that he is really sorry. I texted him good nyt and he said gudnyt back. I accidentally texted him when I was txting my friend and the text was like, I wish I was my sister Because my sister is the pretty one and she has a lot of guys phone numbers in her wallet, I realized very quickly and sent another text telling him tht was someone elses. He hasn't texted me back and I don;t know what to do now, I really like him and I don't want him to think I'm a creep or stalker please help.


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  • Hard to determine if he's interested. However, sending him that text makes you come off as a bit of a player. Personally, that would be a turnoff. Don't be clingy and don't be over pressuring about it and maybe he'll shrug it off or forget it.


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  • heh, don't worry so much. I doubt he's gonna judge you the way you think he is.


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  • Maybe just send him a quick text saying "oops sorry bout that, inside joke I meant to send to my friend haha"