Help! Internet Dating!

I met a guy in a Internet dating site, he is calling me, and texting me and emailing me every single day, we be talking for hours everyday, we haven't met because I am traveling at the moment but we will in 2 weeks time,he give me around 3 hours on the phone everyday BUT he is still in the dating site talking to another women, I am very confuse, what does that mean?


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  • It means that he's keeping his options open in case it won't work out with you.

    • ah OK, so its OK to do it now, what about later? if when we met he still there is normal?


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  • he is keeping his options open. considering he has never met you he doesn't know if it will work out.

    • Thank you for taking the time to answer, can I ask you something more? but his intensity of communication with me, does that mean he really likes me but has his options open?

    • its cool... you answered mine... I don't know it depends on the conversations. Most people who do internet dating (I know many) talk to multiple people and go on dates with multiple people until they find someone that they like enough to stop. that's why I said most people on internet sites are "promiscuous". I would need to hear the conversations to tell you if he was stringing you along or if he was sincere.

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  • How long have you been talking? As others have said, he's probably just keeping his options open. I met my boyfriend online, and didn't deactivate my account til we'd been talking for about a month. I don't know what site you're on, but we were on Match; I didn't want to lose my fairly expensive membership if things ended up fizzling out with him. If he's on a free site it should be a bit easier for him to deactivate, but still, I wouldn't expect him to do that til you are both sure where this is going. Also, his profile is up, but are you sure he's actually talking to other women? My boyfriend left his up for a time, as did I, but after the first few emails we both stopped talking to other people (just didn't tell each other that til later).

    • We been talking for 3 weeks now, everyday, we Skype like 2 hr to 6 hr average, but I know he is talking to another women because he contact one of my friends =( that was bad luck for him, he just say general things but still, Iam not upsed I just feel weird I feel really scared to be honest, thank you for helping me, I apreciate

    • What are you scared of? Feelings for him, meeting, online dating in general? Just keep talking to him and see where it goes (: after you've met and decided where you want this to go, you broach the subject with something like, "I've been thinking of taking my profile down soon..." and just see what he says (: