How much should I text her without her losing interest?

We've been on 5 dates now and have stayed at each others place after every date, since date number two. We have fooled around a few times, as well. We texted a lot more between our first and second date (10 days) because we were both out of town. I know she is still actively looking for dates on Match, but she still wants to see what is out there and see how it progresses with me and her. (Her last relationship ended out of the blue about 2 months ago.) However, she has said that no guy has ever been so attentive and sweet to her. I just try and be a gentlemen: picking up all the tabs; holding hands as we walk; opening doors for her and touching the small of her back as we enter somewhere; getting the car door for her; brought her flowers on our 4th date; and when I text her I avoid starting it off with the boring "hey, what's up."

I probably start the texting 2 out of 3 times, but how often should I be reaching out to her so she doesn't lose interest? We continuously keep arranging dates, so I assume she isn't losing interest, yet? But how should I play it so I'm not looking desperate? And keeping her interested.


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  • if she is texting you back,then its not too much but sometimes let her initiate them


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  • You should just text her as often as you can.

    It's clear that she really is into you.