Should I start talking to this guy on a dating site?

I've been on this dating site for a few months. I've noticed a guy on there that I think I may be compatible with. I've been thinking about messaging or "showing interest" (which sends him a message stating I might be interested). But I'm really nervous...anyone do this before? What can I say in a message?


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  • you're a girl so you're not expected to send a long well thought out email. You can just say hi or make a comment about something in his profile

    • Ha I wish this was the way it was! I've talked to guys on it before and I'm the only one that really seems to keep the conversation going. I feel like I'm the only one who asks questions or anything. That's one thing I haven't been able to decipher about guys, how to let them take and lead the conversation. I try talking about what they like but some guys just don't want to say much.

    • They're probably the same guys who complain about not getting responses to girls online!


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  • You should just message him.

    Tell him why you think you're compatible.


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  • Just go for it. That's what you and everyone else is on there for.