What to do next with a guy I work with

So I have an interest in this guy I work with, I'm 16,so it's a pretty mediocre and unprofessional. Anyway, he is a little more than a year older than me. I asked him for his number yesterday, and he texted ME asking what I needed (which I didn't need anything I just wanted to text him). So I told him I just wanted to talk. We keep texting and eventually I told him he was cute and he says, "See it's true, jk. But why you say it in person". I didn't answer because I fell asleep, but I wasn't planning on telling him that. Do I just say that? Is there any way to play it cool, or should I just tell him that I wasn't texting him to tell him he was cute. And I would say it in person, I don't want him to think I have to text things that I wouldn't say in person. Also should I text him next, would I have to address the last text? Any suggestions are well appreciated.


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  • You should just text him normally.

    Next time you see him in person, tell him that he's cute and that might pique his interest on you and it might work wonders.


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  • Tell him he's cute in person and that you fell asleep. Honesty is key.