A guy with a girlfriend is always messaging me what should I do?

we were friends before he started dating the girl he's with now. sometimes he msgs me stuff like, "hey hot stuff..." or when I recently broke up with my boyfriend he was like "dont let him get you down, don't want some jerk making you sad"..."you can do way better you're insanely gorgeous smart" blahblahblah I feel bad. I would break up with my boyfriend if I knew he was doing this. I don't how his relationship with her is I just know they have been dating like a year or so. and he has periodically msgd me the whole time.


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  • You should just ignore him.

    He's already in a relationship.


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  • Well if your friends with his girlfriend he might just think your cool. Odds are if he has been messaging you and none of its dirty he is just trying to be supportive. If its dirty he is a dog and walk away.

    • i don't know his girlfriend, I've known him for a while. its never dirty but I feel like if I asked him out he'd like dump her for me. I WOULD NEVER DO THIS, I don't like him like that I just feel weird when he tells me stuff. I feel like I'm the other woman just because I'd be mad if my boyfriend did what he does.

    • I wouldn't be mad if my boyfriend had female friends as long as they are like you and respectful of our relationship. Its nothing to feel guilty about in my opinion.

  • ignore him completely. if he persists, block his number.

  • You are really a good friend to this guy. It's OK to have female friends if you are a guy with a girlfriend.