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My girlfriend text and contacts her ex boyfriend?

My girlfriend of one month text her ex boyfriend, even calls him. she says they are only "friends" and she knows it hurts and bothers me but she said... Show More

well I understood they have long history and accepted their meet-up, but I'm not satisfied with this any more. I noticed that she sent her ex boyfriend message last night when she got back home from my place. I had to spy on her phone and it's full of smal talk with happy faces and memories..what should I do? she says she is just friends and over him!
and just one more thing, my girlfriend broke things off with him in January.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • She still likes him. She's not done with him yet in her life. Right now, he is an option in stand-by in case things with you don't work out.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yea she still likes him. Sounds pretty obvious. I would break things off with her and move on seems how she isn't listening to you. Don't let her hurt you

    • see dude she knows what your girl (I mean his girl) is doing to you.

What Guys Said 3

  • DUDE get rid of her, you are in for a lot of pain. And even more if you stick around.

    I would simple tell her "you don't respect my dedication to you and I deserve to be treated with the same as I have given" ...

    • yeah this is definetely a painful situation. She told me that she had made it clear to him that they are not getting back together and she wants to be with me... Still, she communicates and remembers the old times, and last night she sent him a text "blaablaablaa...ohh how late time to fall asleep" ...

  • Bad news. She still likes him.

    You should just break up with her.

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