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this girl I met about a year ago has me very confused. I have tried to make plans to spend time with her several times. It seems like something always comes up. We live 2 hours apart. She works shifts and weekends. It is hard to make plans because she doesn't always have the same weekends off as I do. WE have gone out twice. She sent me a text 2 weeks ago telling me she was off for the weekend and that she wanted to see me when I was in town if I wasn't too busy. I had made plans to go to dinner with some friends and they called to invite her. She sent me a message saying that she couldn't meet me until later because she was babysitting. Why would she make plans to baby sit if she wanted to spend time together? I asked her if I could come over and keep her company . I told her that I didn't mind if she was babysitting, I just wanted to see her and hang out for a while. She asked if we could make it another night. She told me that she does want to get to know me and spend time together but I have to wander. I mean what do you think, should I believe her or should I just move on? Am I wasting my time and making a fool of myself in the process if I give her the benefit of the doubt?


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  • You can work at fixing this, but you'll still be dealing with a long-distance relationship. LDR's can be emotionally trying, often unsatisfying, and they rarely last. Frankly, if you're going to fall in love and make a fool of yourself, which you should plan on doing anyway, you may as well find yourself a local honey. Love is tough enough to nurture even with the benefit of with eye contact.


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  • She is just sort of in to you. She likes you but maybe just as a friend. If she was way into you she would be jumping all over herself to make things work out. Time to invest in something else.


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  • sounds like things are stacked against you. I would not invest much time or thought in this relationship. if she calls and wants to hang out, fine have fun with her. but don't get all serious about it because you're just setting yourself up to get hurt.