I'm very confused and have no idea if I should pursue this relaionship. help and/or advise please.

Me and this guy have known each other for a while and we dated like 3 years ago but have liked each other longer. Anyways we broke up and have maintained a friends with benefits relationship. He has wanted to date me since then and I have wanted to date him but its been wrong place wrong time. His family wants us together as well. There's always seems like somethings in the way. Mostly he's dating someone else or I'm dating someone. But even if we are dating other people we still continue friends with benifits relationship. He's my best friends brother so ill stay the night at their hous and me and him will sleep in the same bed (he asks me to). And he even took me out a couple days ago and paid for me even tho we were supposed to pay seperatly. So this is why I'm confused I have no idea if I'm wasting my time with him or not.because he has a girlfriend that he started dating the day before me and him went out to dinner. Help please.


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  • You're wasting time with him.

    He already has a girlfriend.


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  • It seems you are wasting your time since he already has a girlfriend who he probably cares for.