If you were 30, would you be open to..

..dating a 19 turning 20 year old who is VERY mature for her age? So far, I've only heard "he'll just use you for your body, and get an ego boost out of it knowing he's still 'got it'..but he'll want to date/marry someone older". I need advice/opinions please!


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  • my old man is 35 and I'm 23 soon to be married. mind you I have gone through much and gained more life experience than anyone should have at 23 or even 30 years of age. some guys will use you but isn't that the same with every age group? if your observant enough you will know what his intentions are. I think however that you need to focus on yourself and future right now. if you meet someone along the way who supports you and encourages you even through your tough times that's fantastic, but if you don't then you will still have accomplished so much and have self gratification in saying " I did it on my own".

    • Sorry..by 'old man' you mean fiance not dad, right? lol..i don't get that saying..

      and congrats on getting married! what a great answer :D

    • Naw I guess its a redneck thing. I tend to forget sometimes we sound inbred on accident. and I wonder I why people always say things like that lmao!!!! yes I meant fiance....right now I'm well on my way to opening a small business and all I get is support. I'm finishing my school and I just want to make sure that you as a female doesn't get held back by any man. a good one will stick with you not make you choose between him and a life.


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  • It depends on how you define "maturity". I would define it as "how one handles every in life". You are right that many older males "uses" younger females for their body, it is also true that younger females "uses" older males' social status as a ladder of personal "growth". This kind of relationship is more business than private. Yet, not ALL such relationships are like that, obviously.

    It boils down to "how compatible you two are ?" You can think of these 4 areas

    1. Body

    2. Mind

    3. Personality

    4. Spirituality

    Also, take into consideration well known, despite generalized, fact that girls are more mature than guys, at least emotionally, given the same age. Perhaps the built=in task of child-bearing has something to do with it. So, a difference of 10 years of age, male > female, can be minimal especially if we talk about emotional maturity. I have seen girls emotionally more mature than guys 20 years older, and it is not that rare either.

    Go into quietness, and ask youself, "How do I feel about staying with this man ?" Trust the feelings that come through. The key is to go into a quiet mode FIRST. Don't do it when you are all heated up. Only you know what is BEST for you. Nobody else on this planet knows. That goes for everyone !

  • Nope I wouldn't. A 19-20 year old may be "mature for her age" but that doesn't mean she is very mature.

  • I'd be open to dating a 20 year old from now until I die. Look at Hugh Hefner! Honestly though usually those relationships don't work out for a whole bunch of reasons. Now I'm sure from time to time there are gonna be the ones to last but I'm sure the failure rate is way higher. Then again that is what dating is for, to see if two people are compatible for each other, and I'm sure your mind is set already and you're not going to listen to a couple of people on a website.

  • stick with someone your own age.

    Just by you saying that you're 19 turning 20 makes you sound immature

    everyone that is 19 is turning 20

    • As in..in a few weeks, lol.

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    • Haha...here's your sign.

    • Orrrrr..he'll always find me beautiful? lol

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  • i started dating a 30 year old when I was 19 and we are still together now (i'm 21, he's 32) so if he were just using me for my body, I think the excitement would have worn out by now. I think it balances out because I'm mature for my age (I act, say, 25ish) and he is a little on the immature side (he acts about 26 or 27 maybe). so it can work, I'm proof of that, but of course it differs from person to person...

  • I think that guys around this age who only like girls around your age are a bad pick. They either need someone young physically (which won't be you in a little while) or they need someone they feel superior too. If it's not just your youth he's attracted to ten I think that can work, but I also think it's fairly rare.