In the end he text me what?

I'm probably over analysing the situation, but that's what girls do right?

So I went on a second date with this guy, it was average but I still wanted to see him again, as we got on really well on the first date and I saw him casually between first and second dates. Plus he was ill, so I know not everyone is on their A-game when they're ill

I text him the next morning thanking him for the date, and just kept it very casual. He text me back 2 1/2 days later saying "Evening, sorry been busy day! :P xxx"

My question is why would he text me something so non- committal. Does it mean he's trying to make conversation start again, or just keeping me sweet. Is he interested, because he hasn't acknowledged my other text?



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  • He's just busy and is still interested.

    If you can, call him.


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